Romance Tips For Guys

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Learn the top four kissing tips in this Howcast kissing tutorial.

So here’s some top kissing tips for you men out there. First of all you always cling on your man’s strong leg on your lap, I guess. One thing I really like because I’m a pretty chatty gal, and sometimes I get nervous, and obviously key in dealing with that I sometimes don’t know how to zip the lip. And I think it’s really cute when a guy sort of calls me on my nervousness and kind of catches me off it.

Something exactly like that. That was a suave move. Now if the girl isn’t chatting a lot, maybe not so much, because maybe she actually wants to tell you something. But if it’s a clear ramble, it’s a cute romantic move to take initiative and sort of just dominate it. Punctuate it with a nice smooch. So well done to you, sir.

Thank you.

Another thing I like. I like if it’s something, I guess clearly the theme is unexpected. A pleasant surprise. Like if you’re walking down the street, clearly we are standing and not sitting in a car. But let’s say you are walking down the street and we’re just enjoying each other in a way that there was no physical contact or pressure preexisting connection. And then I would just sort of just be grabbed and pulled in spontaneously. I don’t know how one would manifest that. I mean I’m just walking around enjoying the sunshine and…

Yes, sir.

Harrison: Now I have some tips, things that I enjoy very much. I really like when, if I’m being kissed, and it’s just a standard issue kiss, if the girl takes the initiative to just go directly from my mouth, maybe not directly, but make her way from my mouth to my ear, and just play with my ear, and just all in that general area. Not inside, that kind of feels like an earwig or some kind of alien.

Maya: Say no more.

Harrison: Wow.

Maya:Was that sort of a ballpark figure?

Harrison: That was quite good. I like when a girl tells me when to kiss them, even if it’s out of nowhere. Like if we’re just talking.

Maya: I’m taking care of it.

Harrison: And then I’m like, “So how are you doing?”

Maya: Just kiss me already dammit. You want to put the knife down first, though. Chop your hand off. What’s good about the surprise element that can be interwoven here as a general motif. It eliminates the nervous factor. Because there’s not all this anticipation and buildup. One party isn’t expecting it, so it’s not this coy dance. Just go for the gold.

Harrison: Mm-hm. Exactly. Well said. But those are some quick tips for kissing.

25 thoughts on “Romance Tips For Guys

  1. Shout outs to all the 6th graders and sad, sad adults watching this.

  2. My perfect first kiss would be: me and my crush talking and me rambling on
    about something and him trying to catch my eye and then I realize I’m
    rambling and say ‘sorry, this is really boring isn’t it?’ And he goes ‘no,
    it’s not, it’s really cute’ and then I’d laugh and say ‘I have a bad habit
    of-‘ and then he’d catch me off guard and kiss me ♥♥ comment back if yours
    would be something like this xxx

  3. It was really weird when they just stopped kissing and started talking
    again like nothing ever happened. Talk about akward

  4. My first kiss sucked basically because it was with someone who I hadn’t
    really considered as a first kiss ‘ candidate ‘ you could say. I went to
    kiss his cheek and he kissed my lips instead and tried to French kiss me I
    was extremely surprised so I basically started leaning back farther and
    farther so he couldn’t anymore…thank god he was shorter than me haHA! > 3

  5. هههههههههه الرجال مستعجل مو تارك لها مجال تتكلم

  6. I’m in 10th grade at the minute and my first kiss was behind bins with
    someone I hated and he licked my cheek.. 

  7. It’s like watching him eat her and I feel like the third wheel and I fell
    awkward 😐😐😐😐😐😯😯😯 

  8. My first kiss was the other night me and my boyfriend were watching a movie
    and he kissed me<3

  9. Jk lol but dah everything waz true just not dah part about the bf thing but
    we do like each other were getting there were getting there:( I hop so in
    my dreams;'(

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