Relationship Tips For The Elderly

Concerned about whether you should date someone older? Laura Love of offers her advice plus a free download.

25 thoughts on “Relationship Tips For The Elderly

  1. In response to hanksmithb17’s comment, in my opinion LauraLuvv’s speaking
    and presentation skills are perfect as they are.

  2. Oh great, lucky you..But 13 is not even that much of a difference, my aunt
    is married to a man who is 20 yrs older than her, and they are so happy
    together, and they have 2 beautiful kids, and that’s nothing, my Granfather
    is , I think 72? or maybe 70, but he is married to a 27 yr old woman..Yes,
    he is rich, but so what? they love each other and they already got a
    daughter…But I’m happy for you, and 9 years is not much at all! Age
    is just a number

  3. The only downside about huge age gaps is becomes so romantic…:( The
    love can be too intense, and somwtimes, that can be good, but too much of a
    good thing can be bad too…

  4. Not true. I date older men because Im 18 and do not want to deal with the
    immaturity of 18 year old men who act like children. Im in university and
    its clear that the men here are looking for a good time with no commitment.
    An older man knows what hes doing and how to be a good boyfriend.

  5. Mine treats me wonderfully…although…there are times I can see flaws
    (but who doesn’t have them?). What has concerned me is when he passes on,
    will I be able to handle the grief and raising children myself?

  6. I’m 19 and I’ve been with my boyfriend for 9 months now. He 41 and I’ve
    never felt like this for a guy before. We both have so much in common. lol
    You would think he was the same age as me the way he acts. He take care of
    me and we bring out the best in each other. Like my friend say, Age is just
    a number.

  7. @MysticEvie You know it for sure ,….Dating an older guy 2 …and yes guys
    my age are really inmature . I’m 24 and guys my age are such dumd asses.
    The guy that I”m with would give his life for me . AGE IS DEFINITELY A

  8. I am 50 year old retired physician. I have dated women from 20-55 years old
    within the past year and have had great relationships and experiences. Age
    is just a number. But then again, so is IQ. It all comes down to chemistry.
    Good luck to everyone!

  9. @Famfriass I come across quite often bc I’m 60 years old and my GF is 42
    years of age. The two of us get along fantastic but seems some people don’t
    agree with the age difference. Who cares what others say or think as long
    as your bf cares for you and you for him. Don’t forget these will be the
    good old days when you back on your life!

  10. It is cool to date guys up to 50 but over I dont think their wee wee works
    my opinion lol

  11. they are you’re family. they will come around. in the end, they want you to
    be happy, it’s just thats it is not comon for them the age gap. go for
    it!!!! happiness does not come often.

  12. My boyfriend is 11 years my senior and he’s the most amazing man I’ve ever
    met. If being with an older person makes you happy and they treat you well,
    then there’s nothing wrong with it. 🙂

  13. Love has no limits..Im alot younger than the man I’ve fallen in love
    with..but I dont give a rats ass on what society thinks of me. As long as
    im happy then thats all that matter. I dont have time for little boys BS!

  14. Hi-I just have a question that has been bothering me for quite some time
    now. Ever since I’ve told my mom about my boyfriend she’s always been
    strongly against my decision to be with my current bf. She is just very
    difficult and says she’s only telling me these things because she loves me.
    It’s rather confusing as to why she says those things.

  15. Is it strange that im dating a 30 year old but he looks older then his age
    like about 35 and im 24 years old? I really like him. He’s sweet. My older
    sister is making me feel bad and saying he probably already has a wife or
    is cheating on me and lying to me.
    My past relationships failed because I was too insecure and I dont want to
    make the same mistakes in my new relationship. I trust him

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