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25 thoughts on “Relationship Advice For Lovers

  1. Normia Vazquez Scales: I think he’s just extroverted and she’s introverted.
    So he naturally takes more space to himself and likes to be talkative. She
    can also be just camera shy and looking for her thoughts as she pauses.
    Nothing wrong with their relationship :)

  2. You two are like water and fire, she is calm and when she talks it’s deep
    and meaningful, you are passionate, lively and straightforward.

  3. 🙂 you guys helped me so much here! …(as most of your vids do) i
    appreciate the honest perspective, revealed by you both. Not may
    youtubers, include their girlfriends lol. keep up the good work ! ps://
    i reference your video and your BOOK on my blog
    hope it helps

  4. I appreciate your videos, but would ask you to pay attention to your
    girlfriend’s body language and facial expressions in this video. You are
    obviously an expressive and gregarious person but take care that you do not
    stifle or inhibit your partner from expressing herself. Half of
    communication is listening and we have not truly listened until we
    understand what someone is saying. Take care that you do not assume too
    much. Be excited about sharing your message, yes, but we all have something
    to say and it is ironic that you speak about communication breakdown when
    you may be experiencing one yourselves. This dynamic is so strong that it
    takes over the message in the video and I honestly couldn’t watch it in its
    entirety. Take a good, hard look and you will see the next step in your
    journey of growth. Remember, we grow together or we grow apart. Love and
    light, friend. Thank you for listening.

  5. Your videos are life changing. When I’m distressed , I recall your voice
    saying , “peeece , infinite waters diving deep.” Good stuff.

  6. Indeed, why seek worthyness outside of oneself? It’s good to have truthful
    mirrors showing oneself, share love and existance, but if you don’t love
    youself, nothing can fill that gap from outside. If you don’t feel love for
    youself, you can’t feel even the love of others. <3

  7. Great wisdom speaking!!! Thank you so much for doing this video +Infinite
    Waters (Diving Deep)​… Keep putting out much needed information. Peace,
    love, light & many blessings to you! #Namaste’💞

  8. Honestly, I am confused because what I think and what you’re saying does
    not match somehow.

    Is it okay to email you guys?

    I have a question:
    There are more women in the world than men and the ratio is about 10:1.
    That is 10 women to one man. Is that an excuse for a man to have more than
    one woman?

    What do you have to say to this?

  9. I like this video very much, but Ralph, Darling, you keep talking over your
    partner. What is going on there? Keep up the great work otherwise. Thank
    you for sharing your gifts!

  10. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I so agree with You!!! ;-) :D We cheats ourselves if we do
    not honestly and openly communicate our true feelings, and our soceity has
    been "brought up" in the masculine energy who mostly has disrepected the
    feminine energy, but it is also what you says about how we are thinking:
    Law of attraction..... If you are afraid of this or that, from your partner
    or others around you, it will happend, we are cocreating with the source!!!
    ;-) :D So think only of what you wish, but not from the Egoistic greed and
    lust, but from your true SoulLightEnergy <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  11. the fact that he dominated the discussion and relegated the women to a
    subordinate role- suggests he needs learn.

  12. Hello, question? Was the women in video with you your mate? You didn’t
    introduce her here, you both make a cute couple

  13. God know i dont own shit.. but dang. that veggie yogi i was with for 6
    years. lived together everything.. she left to tree plant and fucked 2
    other dudes while pretending to love me.. even talked about being my wife.
    FUCK THESE HOES get your money.. just like this hoe is with you partly
    because of you channel and income.. dont fool yourself. security, financial
    or otherwise is what women need to survive.. True love is not possible
    between men and women. hope your hippy money is good.. (youtube income)
    there are only 2 tragedies in life: getting what you want and not getting
    what you want.. Those who know don

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