How To Find Your Soul Mate

One of the most inspiring and revelatory teachings you will ever hear on the subject of relationships. Whether you are single, married, divorced, or other – this message will change open your eyes, make sense out of your past and prepare your for the relationship that you could only dream of.

25 thoughts on “How To Find Your Soul Mate

  1. Let me clarify some things. I believe Pastor Tour’e Roberts 5 points on
    finding your soul-mate (Chemistry, Connection, Wholeness, Divine
    Confirmation, and Purpose) are good tools but not the only tools in the
    box. After listening to this message over and over again I found some flaws
    in his theology. First, God hates divorce. Whether you are a Christian or
    Unbeliever God still honors your marriage. The question becomes do you
    still want your marriage? I believe if you put God first in your marriage,
    there is nothing He can’t work out if you both want to save your marriage.
    Pastor Tour’e is advocating divorce by saying, “if you feel that your
    husband or wife is not your soul-mate your marriage was destined to fail
    from the start so it is probably better to end it.”

    Doing some research I found that he is actually divorcing his wife to marry
    Sarah Jakes (Bishop TD Jakes daughter). This seems like a message to
    justify his upcoming divorce. The alter-call at the end of His message was
    ungodly, because he called people down to the alter who wanted to get out
    of there marriage and basically gave them the license to do so publicly.
    This is not scriptural and can’t be of God. Pastor Tour’e is in danger of
    judgment. Jesus nor His Apostles ever taught on divorcing your spouse for
    any reason except for fornication/adultery (Matthew 5:31-32). And even if
    fornication/adultery enters into your marriage God desires us to forgive
    one another and be reconciled back to your spouse and God. There is a lot
    of bones in this message that must be spit out….Chew the meat, but be
    very careful not to choke on the bones! <>

  2. I don’t know what I think for sure. But I can say that I appreciate
    his candor and genuineness. There is no hype and no sensationalism, and I
    feel like he is making a genuine effort to help. I like it that he is open
    about his experience. I am 41 years old and I have never been married, and
    I have recently found out that I will not be able to have children. I have
    been saved 21 years now, and I have made every effort to put God first, and
    grow and mature, and all the stuff that people do who are serious about
    God. I have to say that I feel extremely broken hearted by the fact that I
    will not be able to conceive and bear a child. I am tired of going to the
    movies alone, and out to eat alone, sitting in church alone, and going on
    trips alone. I have a basic human psycho-social emotional need for human
    love and affection…basically companionship. God meets my spiritual and
    religious need, but there are human needs that are not fulfilled by
    religion. And I am not talking about anything carnal like sex when I say
    needs. I am talking about companionship, love, motherhood. I have pretty
    much just lost hope. It seems like there was no point in me even having a
    hearts desire because God has evidently made up his mind that I would not
    have anything that I have longed for.

  3. As someone who divorced just months after getting married (physical abuse
    among other things…) to someone who clearly was not my soulmate, this
    teaching was healing, confirming, uplifting, and so much more. Thank you
    Lord for working through your servant. May God Bless you, your soulmate,
    and your family!

  4. Funny how long ago I watched this, and it’s back in my feeds during
    prayer….so guess I must need to replay it. Got that message, loud and

  5. Absolutely beautiful!!!! They are going to help so many marriages in The

  6. Be careful people of God! Yeah, maybe this preacher said many nice things
    that makes sense. But, do you want to know what is really going on in this
    message? He is bringng a concept very used in the world, and that is not
    specified in the bible: Soullmate (with the idea of predestination to a
    person), and diluting, eroding,one of the most clear principle in the
    bible, that marriage is a life-term covenant (commitment). The name of what
    he’s doing is heresy, overemphasizing one truth (or ideia) on the spend of
    another. And soulmate is not even a truth. God gave us the free will to
    choose, gave His word that shows us principles,and His Holy Spirit to guide
    us through the way. This preacher is basicly saying that God has stablished
    a soul mate for each person and if the person gets married wrongly this
    person would have permition or total right to fix the mmistake, get
    divorced and get married by purpose. Let me ask you, who are we humans to
    say whats God’s purpose or no? To say: Ok God, I was not really attentive
    to “my” purpose when I Got married, so now that I realize it I get
    divorced and will be able to correct things”…. This is absurd. First
    thing this guy should emember is that God is in control of everything, and
    He wants you to fullfill His purpose more than yourself, and if you got
    married to someone, what makes you think that this was not the purpose so
    you can get divorced? Just because you are not enjoying it anymore? And
    want to fell confortably and spiritualy correct with it? This preacher also
    said: “that marriage couldn’t suceed because they got married without
    purpose”. Ops, is he saying that God is not powerful enough to make any
    marriage work? Is he saying that a union that was stablished in God’s name
    is just disposable? Think about these things, ask the Holy Spirit for
    revelation and dissernment, and DON’T SAY AMEN TO EVERYTHING YOU HEAR
    Peace and grace of Jesus Christ, Who was the same yesterday, who is the
    same today, and will be the same tomorrow.

  7. He made some good points I been divorce for 17 years because of physical
    and verbal abuse. I chose him God didn’t, This time God chose my soul mate.
    Tourre’ Roberts is not perfect he is a man. We all going make mistakes miss
    the mark on different topics. Only God get it all right he is the only
    perfect individual.

  8. THIS MESSAGE IS A LIE! It has no biblical grounds! The idea of SOULMATE is
    not even biblical!!!! This message is filled with manipulation and key buzz
    words to make it seems as if what he is preaching is actually sacred
    scripture! THE ENTIRE MESSAGE IS FALSE! People this is not the words, and
    teachings of Jesus and cannot be found in scripture.

    It is not publicized why he divorced his first wife, however from this
    message it appears that he did not have biblical grounds for his divorce
    and that the divorced was because he now has the “revelation” of his
    purpose and his first wife was not equipped to help him fulfill his
    purpose, because she wasn’t his soulmate! Are u kidding me?!!!! This
    message angers me to the core!!! I HATE the twisting of scriptures. And I
    am sadden that this message has reached thousands of hearers. People
    please, especially WOMEN, be careful and guard your heart from this message
    and these kinds of teachings. This is preying on your emotions.
    2 Timothy 3: 1-9
    But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of
    difficulty. 2 For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud,
    arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3
    heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not
    loving good, 4 treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of
    pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 HAVING THE APPEARANCE OF GODLINESS,
    but denying its power. AVOID SUCH PEOPLE. 6 For AMONG THEM ARE THOSE WHO
    KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH. 8 Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so
    these men also oppose the truth, men corrupted in mind and disqualified
    regarding the faith. 9 But they will not get very far, for their folly will
    be plain to all, as was that of those two men.

  9. Oh Lord! Reading some comments from “Christians” smh Jesus help us!

  10. Too much “common sense preaching”… Very well spoken preacher, very suave,
    and I am confident that his heart is in the rite place… But the bible
    says “my people perish for lack of knowledge”… Not a knowledge of how
    stuff works, but a knowledge of HIS Word!

  11. Judging by the emotions expressed by the audience, I feel a lot of folks
    got the same message I did— one filled with humor, love, and wisdom. Thank
    you for this.

  12. Thank you for this message, so many things I needed to hear. All that I
    have experienced in my 4 years of Marriage I know he wasn’t sent by God. I
    just ask for prayer as I am going thru a Divorce and that one day ,I will
    be introduced to my SOUL MATE.

  13. What a blessing sermon
    Devine confirmation
    The purpose
    All the above builds up a wonderful me this morning
    Ooooo it woz meant for me
    Thankyou n God invests in you to motivate many in this walk of life 

  14. 5 is the number of grace Pastor Toure was clearly given a second chance,
    thank you Man of God for sharing your wisdom. God is amazing. 

  15. To all you haters,

    Commenting on his message being ungodly and talking shit like “He’s
    divorcing his wife because he’s dating Ps TD jakes daughter” what fools!
    This message changed my life… I respect any Pastor who is not perfect.
    He’s speaking from Experience and Revelation. I’m a divorced woman and I
    saw my world crumble when I separated from my husband…. I thought I lost
    everything, value , worth and time…I dated after that to fill the void
    but it did nothing for me. God knew my heart and knows that I loved my
    marriage but the desire to leave it due to mental and emotional abuse was
    so strong! I felt guilty for over a year….. “God why? Why did I get
    married?” Until now, nearly 2 years later…. I decided to wait! No dating!
    No leading men on! Just living life for ME!! I Thank God for my Soulmate,
    waiting to heal and gain back my independence and this message confirmed
    healing for me and that Im not damaged goods and that God brings
    restoration for MYSELF. and if he can come out of a broken marriage and
    score someone like Ps TD James’s daughter “Good on him” GO GOD!!!!

  16. a true blessing i heard it i got it and i can move forward in knowing
    each and every word is real thanks Mr. Toure Roberts AWESOME AWESOME

  17. I appreciate his desire to help Christian singles discern a good potential
    spouse and avoid a bad one but I see some holes in his claims. The two big
    ones I see are
    1. The idea of soul mates is a pagan idea. It doesn’t have it’s origins in
    the Bible but in Greek mythology. Pastor Gary Thomas points out in his
    book, “The Sacred Search” that Plato is the one who came up with the idea
    and it had nothing to do with romantic love but everything to do with the
    gods trying to overcome the powerful human beings. (Pg. 56=57)

    2. Gen 2:19-20 talks about Adam naming the animals and it finishes with,
    “and no suitable helper was found.” which indicates that Adam wasn’t just
    engaging in taxonomy but was also looking for a helper / mate for himself.

    Adam heard God say that it wasn’t good for him to be alone and that God
    would make him a suitable helper. (Gen 2:18. Adam is the one that passed
    down the story of the beginning and he had to know the details to be able
    to do so.)

    Thus when he was naming the animals, he was also looking for that helper
    which is why verse 20 ends with “no suitable helper was found.” God wasn’t
    looking for a suitable helper for Adam for two reasons. 1). God knew the
    animals that He had made were unsuitable for that position. 2). God knew
    Eve wasn’t there so why would He look for someone that wasn’t there? I’d
    say that Adam didn’t know until after he named the animals that a suitable
    helper wasn’t there yet. But God had Adam look before He brought Eve to him.

    When you know what to look for in a spouse and what to avoid and when you
    involve others to give you some objective feedback, you can make wise
    choices in the area of picking a spouse.

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