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Dating expert Marni, tells the women of CTV’s The Social the top dating mistakes women make with men. For more tips go to:

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  1. I never considered that the woman may be nervous too. I need more proof of
    this phenomenon. the way a pretty girl has to dodge swords all day and
    the way they do it seemingly so effortlessly kinda confuses me.

  2. Men don’t complain enough. Women get this mistaken assumption men don’t
    suffer. So you get some women with a child and it’s automatically assumed
    some man abandoned her. In reality she refused to marry him because “he
    wasn’t good enough!”

    Often the women is at fault! The girl is afraid of commitment! One of these
    girls I dated – I didn’t “Mistreat her!” We dated for 4 freakin years! We
    were COMPATIBLE! I thought we were in love. Apparently she was just using
    me. Now she can play victim.

    So I relate what happened to me and some D/Bag calls me a loser because of
    what he perceives of reality – and what I say doesn’t fit. So I am supposed
    to “Be a man!” And shut up! And suffer in silence like a bitch! I’m not
    crying about it, but I’m not going to keep quiet either.


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  4. Look at all these hypergamous women! Well, its not surprising… these are
    big city Toronto girls; the more expensive the city, the greater the
    hypergamy. What women really want is a good looking guy to give them a
    dicking. If he’s not hot, he better have money or status… if hes none of
    the three, like 90% of men out there, he’s worthless. God forbid he’s
    bald… then it’s game over.. despite the fact that women are the greatest
    frauds on the planet: fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake boobs, fake height
    (heels), fake hair (extensions), fake personalities and fake faces
    underneath 7 layers of makeup to hide all the ugly… and yet they hate
    baldness? And then want a ‘real’ man?

    Yeah right.

  5. Are you shooting out of your league? Here’s how to know: If the majority of
    the people you’re interested in dating are not stepping up to the plate to
    date you, then that’s a strong indicator that you’re shooting out of your
    league, and you’re setting yourself up for rejection and disappointment.

  6. Women cant get guys in the 21 century ? ah please
    Men need help not women. I would like to know which state that is.

  7. I’ve met the Devil and to my surprise he’s a female. MGTOW bitches!! Why
    would I want to have anything to do with an eternal child who is just plain

  8. 5:00 You should be ashamed telling women ‘they are in their sexual prime,
    get out there, have fun, etc”. Promoting slutiness?? WTF?
    Nothing lowers a womans MMV quicker than having rode the cock carousal.

  9. Theres some good info in this video. However, I take things to the next
    level when things go bad. I just uploaded a video about dating advice and
    the art of the Wal Mart, if anyone is interested. It highlights male and
    female direction.

  10. Hi hi! Nice video you have there! On a separate note; have you considered ”
    Vidadsmedia Dating Tips That Work ” (Have a quick look on google…cant
    remember the exact words)? My Cousin had some dealings with them and was
    impressed by their amazing knowledge on dating tips!

  11. You’re struggling because its all in your head. People are more likely to
    find one thing wrong then right.

  12. Don’t listen to this crap! Women can’t give advise on men. Never listen to
    a female telling you how to get a guy.

    You see, the problem here is your own idiotic entitlement and unrealistic
    I’ll give you the best advise you’ll ever get.

    1. Don’t be a prude, let him stick it up your ass.
    2. Suck his dick, every day, 3 times.
    3. If he wants you to dress up like a schoolgirl and make a private porno,
    that’s exactly what you had in mind too.
    4. He doesn’t care about your problems, keep them to yourself.
    5. Have no expectations of him, ever!
    6. Make your own fucking money and don’t care about his job.
    7. You are not a price to be won! He is the price! You’re the one who’s
    desperate to get a good dicking, remember that.
    8. Don’t be an oversensitive stuck-up bitch, his jokes are fucking awesome!
    9. His friends even more, especially when they drink bear and play PS and
    PC games.
    10. Do not expect him to move in with you, that’s for people who wants to
    lose half their shit.

    Follow this mindset and I’m sure you’ll find a good man!

  13. I need a woman looking at least like Elizabeth Hurley and behaving like her
    in a movie called BEDAZZLED.

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    (do a google search). But I’m uncertain if it’s good. Have you ever tried
    using this popular dating guide?

  15. The biggest turn off for me is when a woman tells me I’m not funny or I’m
    too predictable. That’s as low as it gets for men, never tell him that,
    that’s like the worst thing you can say. What goes through my mind when I
    hear that is that she doesn’t appreciate the small things and there are
    plenty of other fun women. Most men won’t waste time the moment she
    destroys his ego.

  16. I have NEVER, EVER seen dating advice from a woman who get’s it anywhere
    close to right.

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